Identity theft is a menace that has grown over the years. It has spread from the North American continent into Europe, Asia and now Africa. The amount of financial loss incurred by identity theft worldwide is approximately a $100bn per year. These losses have wrecked the lives of millions of people, destroying homes as well as shutting down businesses.

To prevent your identity from being stolen, these are ten tips to keep you protected:

  1. Destroy all Identification Documents that are not in Use

Whenever you go to the bank or receive a mail from your financial institution, ensure you do not leave behind any sensitive information after use. Old bank statements as well as bank slips with mistakes on them should be destroyed properly. The best way to ensure the information will not be stolen is by incineration. Do not rumple used slips and throw in a wastebasket.

Chances are people might snoop around for such a sensitive material. If you do not feel comfortable with the method of disposal available at the bank, take your old or misused slip home and destroy them.

  1. Conduct Online Shopping With Only SSL Encrypted Sites

Shopping online can be secure if you conduct your shopping on sites with 256 or 128bit Encryption certificates. The way to figure this out is to check for the “https” located in the address tab. Do not share your financial information on unsecured platforms as your financial information could be stolen by hackers.

  1. If You Have Never Seen It Before, Do Not Click on It

Phishing scams are executed through this technique. Phishing is a method of scamming where a thief sends emails or text messages, giving you false information about representing a credible company which may also be your bank and telling your account or some service is disabled and for you to enable it, you need to click on a link.

Do not click on that link even if it appears to be authentic and do not get in touch with them with the number they have provided.

  1. If You Are Going To Gamble Online, Do Your Homework

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Independently source for information on the web or contact a supervisor or another qualified person.

Keep Your Malware and Spyware Updated

No matter how safe you try to keep yourself when surfing the web, there is always a possibility you could get infected by malicious viruses including spyware like a Trojan program. These programs can run through the data on your drive and send out the information to outside sources that could compromise your information.

The best way to handle this situation is prevention. And to do that you need to consistently update the anti-virus programs on your computer.

Secure Financial and Sensitive Information

These information include your social security number (SSN), bank statements, share certificates, birth certificates, and other sensitive information that can compromise your safety. The best place to secure these documents is in a bank. When traveling, secure your passport wherever you may be as they could be targeted by pickpockets.

Depending on the passport, it could cost significant amounts of money on the black market. Should you discover your passport stolen, report to your embassy or consulate immediately.

Be Wary Of Telephone Scams

There are many kinds of scams and the telephone scam is one of them. Do not listen to anyone who claims to represent your financial institution or who makes incredible offers to you. If it sounds incredible, chances are it is too good to be true.

Follow these tips to prevent your identity from being stolen. Remember to report to the authorities if you discover something wrong.