We are a website specializing in information and advisory services for consumers and corporations, giving them the daily updated information on how to discover, avoid or report scams and other fraudulent activities emanating from the African region.

We give reports and statistics about the rate of scams, the changes in the type of scams, and information on what to do including how to protect your financial information from African scammers. We work hand in glove with other sister organizations including monitoring committees to increase the awareness of scams and reduce the increase of malware and phishing attacks from Africa on foreign soil.


We use a wide range of resources at our disposal to promote awareness to individuals and corporations about emanating scams from Africa. We have video tutorials on how to receive and open mails safely. We also have online resource archive which are beneficial to understand the dangers and method of scams and how to avoid them.

Scam Orientation Group

The Scam Orientation Group (SOG) is a group created by us to work closely with individual governments and multinational corporations to teach employees the basics of scams and how they can be avoided. We pass information across networks about the latest scams and provide Cyber protection for corporations and individuals.

Through this group, we have been able to bring down several online syndicates operating across Africa, including Egypt, Ghana, and Nigeria. We have worked with the intelligence agencies of these countries to bring down the rate of Cyber-crime, increasing their technological capacity to combat this menace that has cost foreign countries and individuals losses running into billions of dollars.

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We aim to help users who come to our website to provide accessible information which can be useful to them. We ensure that the content on our website is accessible to all persons using different devices, or browsers. The website contains different information formats some of which are downloadable content. All the content on our website is free to use or download although additional software may need to be installed to watch some video content.

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