Alright, you have just been scammed; but that is not the end of the world. Do not lose all hope. Although the chances of getting your money back is slim, follow these steps to prevent further loss or protect your family and loved ones:

• Contact People Close To You

These people may have their information compromised by the same persons who compromised yours. Please ensure you contact them quickly about the situation and if they did the scam in your workplace, contact your colleagues and supervisor.

• Inform Your Financial Service provider

If you have made financial transactions with the scammer through your financial institution, then you should inform them as soon as possible. They could assist you to shut down the account or freeze a pending transaction. Informing your provider will help prevent further loss or assist you to recoup your money through a “charge back” procedure.

• Change Online Passwords

Keep at the back of your mind they may compromise all your information and this includes your online passwords. You may contact a security specialist if you feel they have compromised your I.T. infrastructure. For individuals, please run a system diagnosis with your anti-virus to fish out unwanted viruses and malware.

Contact your online service provider for steps on how to change your password and secure your account.

Help a Family or Friend

Sometimes, it takes a spectator to understand a victim is the subject of an African scam. These victims may be too in thrall to recognize they are being scammed. You can help play a critical role in keeping your family and friends safe.

You can assist your loved one by determining whether they are the subject of a scam. You can look through our types of scam page to know the different types of African scams and signs to watch out for. If is difficult to find out, then you may need to play the role of a detective.

Find out if companies or persons they are involved with are genuine by investigating online. You could also run a reverse image search to know whether someone has applied similar images in other scams. Once the scam has been ascertained, give your loved one the opportunity to determine the next step as this will help put them in charge of the process.

Sometimes it is difficult to break your loved one away from the spell of a scammer. This can occur where the scammer creates a relationship of trust with the victim through consistent communication. They may act like friends or go through the method of a romantic relationship. Once the victim has been successfully ‘trained’, the scammer can alienate the victim from friends and family.

It is your duty to be observant about subtle changes occurring with your loved one and follow your instinct. Conduct an intervention if need be to wake them up to reality. Once your loved one realizes they scam, you should first ensure all communication between the scammer and victim are stopped immediately. Close social media accounts and report to the authorities.