African scams are typically easy to spot. That is, if you know what you are looking for. See below to understand the different African scams going on all over the world:

Romance Scams

African scammers prowl over the Internet looking for their next victim. One way they hunt for prey is through online dating sites. They spread their tentacles in all nook and crevice of the online space including social media. When they find a prey, they exploit their emotions for financial gain.

The victim will not know this. But we do. Find out how this scam works:

The scammer will first create a fictitious online account with a fake profile, stealing pictures from unprotected accounts on social media. These profiles are specifically created to lure in their intended victim. They may also impersonate military personnel or aid workers in a hostile country. They will then try to establish rapport by communicating with their victims.

Once they have done this, they may take the scam into another level by making phone calls. The purpose of this using this technique is to win the victim’s trust to where they are comfortable enough to reveal their financial information or send some money. They may concoct a story about being mugged or shot or may say they are stranded in a hostile country and need your help.

These types of scammers are committed to the cause. They build their scams through months of hard work and perseverance. They will go extreme lengths to win your trust and make you let down your guard. They may ask for little amounts of money from you before graduating into more significant sums. Before the victim realizes what is happening, they are already down by thousands of dollars or euros.

Always be on your guard and never for any reason send anyone money. The money is extremely difficult to recover and may put you in debt.

These scammers can compromise your safety because they may be a part of a larger criminal syndicate.

The Unexpected Money Scams

This is a scam where the victim received a message from nowhere with an offer that is too good to resist. They may go the ‘inheritance money’ route or ‘Nigerian prince’ method.

It does not matter which method is chosen as they all basically want the same thing - your money. The essence of these scams is to promise their victims future reward which they will give when the victim carry out instructions that will involve the victim parting away with money.

They may claim to be from a reputable organization trying to sell some national monument, or they could say they inherited a huge sum of money and would like the victim to help them transfer the money out of the country for a fee.

Do not fall for any offer that comes from a person you do not know. Never give any person your money if you do not know them. Apart from stealing from you, they could compromise your financial information.